Treating Mom to The Bongo Room

Hilary: Last week, our mom was in town for a visit so we treated her to brunch at The Bongo Room in Andersonville.  Ashley and I have been to this location a couple of times and we love it, especially the white chocolate pretzel pancake!!  Although, we did not order any sweets this time.

Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey Tea

I was not in the mood for alcohol that afternoon (I know, shocking!) so I ordered my typical week day beverage of earl grey tea.  I like to drink it with cream and sugar. Mmm. Mmm.

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

Ashley: I wasn’t planning on having alcohol that afternoon either but I saw the bloody marys that our table neighbors ordered and they just looked too delicious.  I was particularly excited for the cheese cube and salami.  They did not disappoint.  The cheese was a creamy pepper jack and it was worth ordering the bloody just for that!  I shared one with Hilary and she agreed.


Chorizo, Avocado, and Potato Omelette

As Hilary said before, we did not order the white chocolate pretzel pancake this time. I was a little sad because It. Was. Amazing.  Another item that I love is the chorizo, avocado, and potato omelette with cheese. I ordered it for my meal. The chorizo was nice and spicy and the avocado added a creamy cooling factor and the flavors together were delicious.  I also liked eating the egg with the avocado.  I mean really, what isn’t good with avocado?  I will say that my eggs were a tad overcooked but they were still good.  The omelette was packed full and I loved when I could get a bite that had a little bit of everything in it.  I highly recommend this dish.  

Our niece got banana & strawberry pancakes and I had a little taste.  Even though there was no syrup on them, I was surprised that I enjoyed them as much as I did.  They were nice and fluffy and had a little hint of banana in them.  They definitely know how to do breakfast at The Bongo Room.

Deconstructed Lobster Roll Benedict

Deconstructed Lobster Roll Benedict

Hilary: For my meal, I ordered the Deconstructed Lobster Roll Benedict from the specials menu.  I love lobster rolls so this was an obvious choice for me.  Although, it was a little odd at first that it was warm, but it was very good.  There was a lot of lobster on top and it was seasoned well.  The fresh herbs in the hollandaise were a nice touch.  Sometimes a hollaindaise sauce can be overpowering in a benedict but this complemented  the dish rather than steal the show.  For my side, I got potatoes with feta on top.  It was so delicious.  They Definitely do not skimp on the cheese.  I love that I always have potatoes left over and they are just as delicious when I reheat them later for a savory snack.

The Bongo Room is always a good bet, even if you have to wait for a table.  Everything I have had is delicious!  I do wish they took reservations but I am willing to wait.

Ashley: I couldn’t agree more…this place is definitely worth the wait and I can’t wait to go back again!


About The Savory Sisters

Hello! We are The Savory Sisters! In our everyday lives, we go by Ashley and Hilary. Now, you might be thinking, “Weren’t those the names of the sisters in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air??” Why, yes! Yes they were! But we do not live in Bel-Air, we live (and eat) in Chicago, IL. Plus, Ashley is the older sister in our duo. We both really love food and trying new places so we decided to start this blog in order to share our food adventures with the world!! Or, at least whoever in the world will read it… We are The Savory Sisters because we can really take or leave the sweet dishes, but give us a good savory meal and we’re oh, so happy! We will try to get something sweet every once in a while to please those of you who prefer to drool over a decadent dessert-like dish rather than eggs benedict (one of our faves.) If you have a suggestion for a delicious place that we have not yet visited, feel free to email us over at Thanks for reading and we look forward to sharing our adventures with you! Ashley & Hilary

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